Some golfers are accustomed to playing on meticulously groomed, fast greens, while others contend with slower, more uneven surfaces week after week.

After relocating to Asia, I predominantly navigated the nuances of slower greens. Through this experience, I’ve honed in on the best putters for slow greens.

I favored a lightweight blade putter in South Africa, where fast-bent grass greens were the norm. However, the dynamics change significantly on slower greens, prompting a reconsideration of my equipment.

Enter my Thor’s Hammer putter – a game-changer for slower greens. I’ve realized lighter putters demand more forceful strokes and less finesse on these surfaces.

This realization led me to gravitate towards heavier, mallet-style putters, yielding remarkable results. Unlike their lightweight counterparts, which require extra effort to generate distance on slow greens, more serious putter heads allow for shorter, more controlled strokes, resulting in enhanced roll with minimal exertion.

A Brief Overview of the Best Putters for Slow Greens

Cleveland Huntington Beach SOFT #11Odyssey Stroke Lab Double WideCallaway EXO Rossie
Pros-Multiple alignment aids
-Balanced weight
-Promotes rolling
-Black and white alignment aids
-Counter balanced
-Various options
-Compact design
-Effective alignment aids
-Less backspin
-Soft feel
Cons-Requires adjustment for sweet spot
-Less forgiving on arc strokes
-Limited options
-Suited more to straight strokes
A brief summary of Best Putters for Slow Greens

The Best Putters for Slow Greens

Cleveland Huntington Beach SOFT #11 Putter

Cleveland Huntington Beach SOFT #11 Putter

Cleveland Huntington Beach SOFT #11 Putter

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The Cleveland Huntington Beach SOFT #11 Putter offers enhanced comfort and control with its thicker grip and balanced weight distribution. Its innovative alignment aid ensures precise shot alignment, while the milled steel face promotes smoother rolls. Though it may require adjustment, it inspires confidence in short putts with satisfying sound upon contact.


Versatile alignment options

Well-balanced weight, solid sweet spot

Clean, crisp sound upon impact


Demands a straighter stroke

Initial adjustment period to find the sweet spot

This putter offers a compelling blend of comfort, control, and performance to enhance your game. The slightly thicker and strategically designed grip ensures a comfortable and stable hold, allowing you to control your stroke easily.

The weight distribution of the clubhead provides an added advantage, enabling you to achieve greater distance without sacrificing accuracy. The milled steel face ensures a consistent and reliable impact, promoting smooth and predictable ball rolls for improved putting accuracy.

One of the standout features of this putter is its innovative alignment aid, which assists you in lining up your shots with precision and confidence. This ensures that you can consistently hit your target line, leading to more successful putts and lower scores on the green.

While it may take some time to adjust to the specific stroke requirements of this putter, the payoff is well worth it. Once you find your rhythm and sweet spot, you’ll appreciate this putter’s consistent performance and enhanced feel.

Overall, the Cleveland Huntington Beach SOFT #11 Putter is a top choice for golfers looking to elevate their putting game. Its comfort, control, and alignment features make it a valuable addition to any golfer’s bag.

Odyssey Stroke Lab Double Wide

Odyssey Stroke Lab Double Wide

Odyssey Stroke Lab Double Wide

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The Odyssey Stroke Lab Double Wide putter offers precision and control with its innovative shaft design and counterbalancing technology. Its blade-like design ensures stability and alignment, while the hinge insert provides a firmer impact feel. With customizable options and premium features, it’s an ideal choice for golfers aiming to enhance their putting game.


Extended back alignment aids in precise lining up

Firm feel due to hinge insert on the face

Counterbalanced for added sensitivity

Wide range of head options and lengths available


High price

The Odyssey Stroke Lab Double Wide is a standout choice for golfers seeking precision and feel on the green. With its innovative shaft design, combining graphite and steel, and counterbalancing technology, this putter offers enhanced sensitivity and control.

The square-shaped double-wide design and the extended back alignment piece appeal particularly to blade enthusiasts, providing optimal alignment and stability. The hinge insert on the face ensures a firm feel upon impact, perfect for those who prefer more feedback on their strikes.

Moreover, the various head options and lengths cater to individual preferences and playing styles. While the price may be a consideration for some, the performance and versatility of this putter make it a worthwhile investment for serious golfers looking to improve their game.

Callaway EXO Rossie

Callaway EXO Rossie

Callaway EXO Rossie

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The Callaway EXO Rossie putter offers easy alignment and forgiveness with its compact mallet design and balanced face. Its medium weight provides a comfortable swing, while the consistent soft feel enhances putting. However, it may be better suited for golfers with a straight back and through strokes.


Compact head with attractive alignment aids

Medium weight for comfortable swings

Reduced backspin with insert technology

Consistent soft feel on premium and lower-end balls

Stylish headcover


Better suited for straight strokes

The Callaway EXO Rossie putter offers a winning combination of precision, forgiveness, and style that appeals to golfers of all levels. Its intuitive alignment system, featuring heavy contrasting red and white aids on a sleek black background, ensures easy setup and accurate putting. The balanced face design forgives piston-style strokes, while the innovative White Hinge technology promotes quick and actual ball roll with increased top spin, enhancing overall putting performance.

What sets the Rossie apart is its compact mallet design, offering the precision of a blade with the stability and weight of a mallet, attracting players seeking versatility in their putting game.

Additionally, the medium weight provides a comfortable swing without compromising power, and the soft feel of the face remains consistent across various golf balls. Despite its strengths, the Rossie may be better suited for golfers with a straight back and through strokes.

Overall, with its blend of performance, aesthetics, and functionality, the Callaway EXO Rossie putter is a compelling choice for those looking to elevate their putting game.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


In conclusion, the mini-guide and reviews provided have assisted you in selecting the best putters for slow greens.

Having personally used Cleveland putters extensively, including during my time as a scratch handicap player, I can confidently recommend them for their quality and performance.

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