Hybrids have gained tremendous popularity over the years, establishing themselves as one of the most versatile and valuable golf clubs to have in your bag. What makes them so special? Well, they serve as forgiving alternatives to long irons and feature a design that closely resembles smaller fairway woods.

Beyond their forgiveness, hybrids offer the added advantage of being playable from various lies. Whether you find yourself on the fairway or stuck in the rough, a hybrid can provide the distance and height needed to get you closer to the green, potentially saving precious shots off your score.

It’s no surprise that club manufacturers have witnessed a surge in demand for the best hybrid golf clubs as more golfers opt to replace traditional long irons with these forgiving and easier-to-hit clubs. The versatility of hybrids extends to their loft options, with manufacturers offering a range that spans from 17 to 29 degrees.

But it’s not just amateurs who benefit from hybrids; even professionals have incorporated them into their game. Renowned players like Rory McIlroy and Dustin Johnson have embraced hybrids for their ability to execute higher flighted, softer landing approaches on par 5 greens.

best hybrid golf clubs

Whether you’re in search of the most forgiving hybrid or one that delivers an extra 10 yards of distance, rest assured that numerous models are designed to cater to your needs. At Golf Monthly, we’ve created this comprehensive guide to assist you in making an informed decision.

While club testing inherently involves subjectivity and personal preference, our conclusions are backed by a thorough analysis of both qualitative data (observations, feelings, notes) and quantitative data (launch monitor numbers). This ensures that our recommendations for the best golf hybrids are well-informed and reliable.

We’ve curated a range of our favorite hybrid clubs in this guide, catering to a broad spectrum of playing abilities. If you’re seeking more information on the best hybrid clubs tailored for seniors or high handicappers, be sure to explore our specialized guides.

However, if you remain undecided about hybrids and prefer a club with a more iron-like profile, we invite you to check out our dedicated guide on the best driving irons.

At Golf Monthly, our goal is to equip you with the knowledge and insights needed to enhance your golfing experience.

Reviews of Our Best Golf Hybrid Clubs

Callaway Apex Utility Wood

Most Fairway Wood Like


Callaway Apex Utility Wood

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The Callaway Apex Utility Wood (UWood) combines fairway wood and hybrid features for better players, providing a versatile, neutral ball flight with precise Tungsten Weighting and multiple loft options.


Consistent Feel

Tough Versatility




Marginal Improvement

The Callaway Apex Utility Wood is a truly unique club that seamlessly combines the standout features of higher lofted fairway woods and hybrids, all while delivering a more neutral ball flight. This exceptional club has even received direct feedback from world-class professionals like Phil Mickelson and Xander Schauffele, contributing to its refined design. The Apex Utility Wood is a versatile and reliable multi-purpose club that better players can confidently rely on, whether they’re teeing off, hitting from the fairway, or navigating challenging rough.

With its length falling between that of a fairway wood and a hybrid, the Apex Utility Wood strikes the perfect balance of versatility and ease of use. The club’s head shape has also been meticulously designed to offer a compact profile that appeals to the discerning eye of better players.

A standout feature of the Apex Utility Wood is the precisely positioned 17.6 grams of Tungsten Weighting. This strategic placement of the Tungsten insert ensures that the center of gravity remains in a neutral location, resulting in a winning combination of high launch, steeper landing angles (when desired), consistent spin, reduced draw bias, and a remarkable 17% tighter downrange dispersion compared to the Apex Pro 19 Hybrid, according to Callaway’s claims.

For right-handed players, the Apex Utility Wood is available in three loft options: 17°, 19°, and 21°. Callaway offers three different Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black RDX Graphite shafts with varying weights and flexes, catering to individual preferences ranging from Regular to X Stiff.

If you’re a better player looking to bridge the gap between your driver, three wood, and longest iron in the bag, the Callaway Apex Utility Wood (UWood) stands as an exceptional option. Its superior performance and versatile design make it an enticing choice for those seeking to elevate their game.

Titleist TSi2 Hybrid


Titleist TSi2 Hybrid

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The Titleist TSi2 hybrid offers three loft options and a patented SureFit hosel for precise adjustments. In testing, it proved to be the most consistent and easy to hit, delivering exceptional feel, confidence, and impressive distance.


Exceptional forgiveness

Fast ball speeds and high trajectory


Glossy crown may produce glare in sunlight

Titleist has introduced the TSi2 hybrid, available in three different lofts (18°, 21°, and 24°), offering golfers the flexibility to optimize their performance. With the patented SureFit hosel, this hybrid provides 16 individual loft and lie settings, allowing golfers to adapt to changing conditions seamlessly. During our testing, we found this feature to be highly beneficial, providing versatility and consistency round after round.

Among the TSi series models, the TSi2 stood out as the most reliable and user-friendly option. It boasted exceptional feel and instilled confidence in our shots. Similar to the renowned Titleist drivers, the TSi2 excelled in ball striking and delivered impressive distances.

Read our comprehensive Titleist TSi2 Hybrid Review to learn more.

Callaway Rogue ST MAX Hybrid


Callaway Rogue ST MAX Hybrid

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The Callaway Rogue ST Max hybrid is known as the longest in its series, offering advanced technology and a powerful flight. With quick stopping ability and excellent accuracy, it is highly regarded among top hybrids tested.


Premium and elegant aesthetics

Large, forgiving head that is easy to hit

Remarkably straight and accurate, one of the best hybrids tested in 2022


Draw-bias clubface design may appear closed to certain players

Not adjustable for loft customization

In 2022, Callaway introduced the Rogue ST Max hybrid with a bold claim – it’s “the longest Rogue ST hybrid” and belongs to their fastest family of hybrids to date. Packed with the renowned Callaway technology that has proven itself on tour, this club features an enhanced Jailbreak ST system. The “batwings” are strategically positioned towards the face’s perimeter, resulting in a higher moment of inertia (MOI), a more responsive face, and improved ball speeds.

The Rogue ST Max hybrid delivers the performance benefits that golfers seek in a top-notch hybrid. It soars through the air with a powerful, rainbow-shaped trajectory, while impressively coming to a quick stop on long par 3s and challenging par 4s, providing exceptional control when approaching greens.

The sleek matte black finish adds a touch of premium aesthetics to the club. In terms of pure performance, while it may not have claimed the title of the longest or fastest in the Rogue ST hybrid series, it offers reassuringly straight shots with an excellent dispersion average. In fact, it stands among the very best hybrids we tested.

For a comprehensive review of the Callaway Rogue ST Max Hybrid, be sure to check out our full article.

Ping G425 Hybrid


Ping G425 Hybrid

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The Ping G425 hybrid combines high ball speeds, easy launches, and consistent spin rates. It is highly recommended for recreational golfers, adjustable in loft, and considered one of the best hybrids available.


Easy to launch

Clear alignment aids


Less penetrating flight compared to other hybrids

The Ping G425 hybrid builds upon the success of its predecessor, the Ping G410, featuring a thin Maraging steel face that promotes high ball speeds. With Ping’s Facewrap design technology integrated into the crown and sole, the G425 ensures an effortless launch and longer shots.

Introduced in 2021, the G425 hybrid incorporates Spinsistency technology, guaranteeing consistent spin rates even on shots struck off the bottom of the club. Ping achieved this by modifying the roll profile on the clubface. Additionally, the alignment aid has been enhanced with three dots on the crown, facilitating easy ball alignment towards the center. As expected from Ping, the feel off the face is exceptional, making it incredibly user-friendly.

These remarkable attributes make the Ping G425 hybrid a highly recommended choice for recreational golfers. It is available in various loft options from 2H through to 7H, with each loft category being adjustable by up to 1.5°. While we found it slightly more challenging to flight the ball low compared to other models, its exceptional forgiveness and ease of use solidify its position as one of the best hybrids on the market. It seamlessly complements the best Ping fairway woods.

For a comprehensive analysis, delve into our in-depth Ping G425 Hybrid Review.

Mizuno CLK Hybrid


Mizuno CLK Hybrid

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The Mizuno CLK hybrid is a versatile and high-performing club that seamlessly connects irons and fairway woods. With Dual Wave sole technology, it delivers easy high ball flights and precise targeting, while its solid sound at impact instills confidence.


Adjustable for better distance gapping

Powerful feel on impact


Accumulation of dirt in sole slots

Mizuno’s CLK hybrid is a true game-changer, seamlessly bridging the gap between irons and fairway woods to deliver exceptional performance and versatility. Our verdict? It hits the mark perfectly.

The innovative Dual Wave sole technology sets this hybrid apart. With a wider profile at address, it empowers golfers to effortlessly launch the ball high and attack those challenging pin positions. Mizuno has made significant structural refinements to ensure a satisfyingly solid sound at impact, a crucial aspect we value in performance.

Additionally, we were impressed by the wide, flat crown that sits flush to the turf. This design element instills a sense of confidence in many golfers, providing that extra boost needed when standing over a hybrid shot. The CLK hybrid is available in various loft options, ranging from 2H to 5H, and features an adjustable hosel with eight settings for loft and lie, allowing you to customize it precisely to your preferences.

For a comprehensive review of the Mizuno CLK Hybrid, don’t miss out on our detailed article.

Srixon Z.X. Hybrid


Srixon Z.X. Hybrid

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The Srixon Z.X. Hybrids deliver speed, forgiveness, and power in a visually stunning design. Ideal for better players seeking enhanced distance and versatility.


Accurate Performance

Pleasing Aesthetics

Great Feel


Limited Forgiveness

Average Performance

With its compelling tagline “Fast. Forgiving. Full of power.,” the Z.X. Hybrids from Srixon deliver on all three promises while exuding a captivating presence at address.

The Srixon Z.X. Hybrid boasts a sleek, player-oriented design, featuring a slightly smaller head shape compared to most competitors. Available in a range of lofts including 16°, 19°, 22°, 25°, and 28°, finding the ideal fit for your yardage gapping becomes effortlessly achievable through a proper fitting.

While some players have observed a slight closed appearance at address, resulting in a subtle draw-bias, others haven’t reported the same experience. This discrepancy is likely attributed to each player’s unique club positioning at address. Nonetheless, the slight draw bias can be immensely advantageous for reducing spin during windy conditions.

Thanks to the Carbon Crown Construction, Srixon engineers have skillfully redistributed weight to their advantage. The strategic center of gravity placement empowers players to achieve a high launch trajectory while retaining the ability to shape shots in both directions. This optimal C.G. position instills confidence in players when using the Hybrid off the fairway or the tee, a versatility that sets it apart from competitors that excel in only one aspect.

The Srixon Z.X. Hybrid comes equipped with a Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black 90 stock shaft, available in flexes ranging from Regular to X Stiff.

If you’re a discerning player seeking to bridge the gap between your longest iron and highest lofted wood with unwavering confidence, the Srixon Z.X. Hybrid could be the perfect solution for you.

Cobra LTDx Hybrid


Cobra LTDx Hybrid

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The Cobra LTDx Hybrid combines split rails for turf interaction, H.O.T Face technology for speed, and a KBS PGR shaft for playability. It’s a versatile option for players struggling with long irons and challenging lies.


KBS PGR shaft offers the best of both worlds with steel-like control and dispersion, along with the lightweight and speed benefits of graphite

Provides a stable and reliable ball flight


Not ideal for golfers who prefer a heavier clubhead feel

Challenging to execute left-to-right shot shaping, as it tends to have a bias towards a fade

The Cobra LTDx hybrid strikes a perfect balance between classic and cutting-edge technology, making it an enticing option for players who struggle with long irons or encounter difficulties playing from rough terrain. Its blend of old and new features sets it apart.

A standout feature of the LTDx hybrid is its split rails on the sole. These innovative rails effortlessly glide over tight turf and navigate through rough patches, ensuring no loss of speed or control. It’s a game-changer for those seeking consistent performance on challenging lies.

Cobra has taken the fun factor up a notch with the LTDx hybrid by incorporating their H.O.T Face technology. By replacing the E9 face with a variable thickness design, they have fine-tuned it for enhanced speed. The result is a thin impact feel that allows for confident strikes, even from tight and sloping lies.

During our on-course testing, we observed a preference for fades with the LTDx hybrid. However, it’s worth noting that the KBS PGR (Player’s Graphite Iron) shaft played a role in this shot shape. With the tolerance of steel and the lightweight playability of graphite, it offers a unique combination. The only drawback we found was that the head felt light, lacking a sense of load at the top of the swing and heft at address.

To delve deeper into the performance and features of the Cobra LTDx Hybrid, be sure to check out our comprehensive review.

Cobra Air-X Hybrid


Cobra Air-X Hybrid

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Cobra Air-X Hybrid: Lightweight, forgiving, and built for increased ball speed and distance. Perfect for golfers seeking slice correction and faster swing speeds.


Longer Distance

Greater Forgiveness

Enhanced Versatility


Slightly Costly

Less Forgiving

Cobra’s reputation for producing exceptional drivers and woods continues with the introduction of the Cobra Air-X Hybrid. This hybrid exemplifies the notion of achieving increased ball speed through advanced technology.

Cobra has taken a significant leap forward by redesigning the Air-X head to be remarkably lighter than its predecessors. With the option of Cobra’s Ultralite 50 or 45 shaft (depending on chosen flex), ranging from Stiff to Senior, this club caters to scratch golfers, mid-handicap players, and seniors alike. Even the standard grip chosen by Cobra is exceptionally lightweight (41g), ensuring faster swing speeds and enhanced ball speed for players.

The overall lightweight design philosophy of the Cobra Air-X Hybrid, coupled with its slight offset face design, is ideal for players seeking additional clubhead speed for increased distance and slice correction.

While it stands as the only hybrid with a striking “Gun-Metal” adjacent color (a rarity in hybrids), it confidently and comfortably sits behind the ball, instilling confidence even in first-time users. It’s worth noting the sound profile as well. While Cobra drivers are renowned for their loud acoustics, the Air-X Hybrid surprises with its remarkably muted and compact sound at address. Rest assured, this product excels in sound quality, providing a unique auditory experience compared to traditional Cobra fairway metals.

The Air-X Hybrid is available in 3H-7H, offering corresponding lofts ranging from 19° to 31°, allowing players to bridge tighter yardage gaps with higher loft options.

A new “forged face insert” elevates ball speed, benefitting players with smoother tempo swings and providing additional assistance to our senior golfers. The weight distribution in the back and heel of the head promotes stability, especially when combined with the offset hosel design, enabling players to effectively eliminate the dreaded slice from their game.

If increased distance and a reduced propensity to slice are elements missing from your current hybrid or golf club set, the Cobra Air-X Hybrid should undoubtedly be on your radar.

PXG 0317 X Gen2 Hybrid


PXG 0317 X Gen2 Hybrid

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The PXG 0317 X Gen2 Hybrids feature a carbon fiber crown construction, adjustable hosel, and strategically positioned weights for optimal ball flight. They are known for their high-tech design, allowing users to customize the club to their preferences.


Advanced Technology

Adjustable Hosel

Weight Optimization


Aesthetic Concerns

While P.X.G. confidently asserts that their products are never out-of-stock, it’s worth noting that the 0317 X Gen2 Hybrids are currently sold out on P.X.G.’s retail site. We interpret this as a promising sign that the word is spreading, and P.X.G. Hybrids are swiftly gaining recognition among consumers.

The PXG 0317 X Gen2 Hybrid would boast a classic aesthetic at address if it weren’t for the noticeable Carbon Fiber Crown. Undeniably, the Carbon Fiber construction saves weight, but its presence can be somewhat jarring when setting up to the ball. P.X.G. explains that they opted for a rigid, multi-thickness carbon fiber design on the crown to minimize energy loss, generate faster ball speeds, and enhance the structural integrity of the face for improved consistency. Additionally, utilizing carbon fiber in the crown shaves off approximately 9 grams of weight, allowing for strategic repositioning to the sole to optimize ball flight.

The hosel of the PXG 0317 X Gen2 Hybrid offers an adjustable range of (+/-) 1.5 degrees, enabling players to fine-tune their trajectory preferences. Adopting a “Weight Forward” approach to the club head’s center of gravity promotes low spin and enhances distance performance.

The high-strength steel face employed in the PXG 0317 X Gen2 Hybrids is specifically engineered to generate faster ball speeds. Lastly, the inclusion of a “HoneyComb TPE Insert” inside the club head enhances sound, feel, and effectively dampens unwanted vibrations.

Like all P.X.G. clubs, the 0317 X Gen2 Hybrids are meticulously fitted to each individual before purchase. These Gen2 Hybrids incorporate an impressive array of EIGHT (8!) black or platinum-colored weights crafted from high-density Tungsten or low-density Titanium. P.X.G. claims that this extensive weight customization empowers players to achieve optimal results without having to alter their swing.

If you’re seeking an exceptionally advanced hybrid that invites user tinkering and customization, the PXG 0317 X Gen2 Hybrid deserves your earnest consideration.

TaylorMade Stealth 2 Plus Rescue Hybrid

Best Wide Appeal


TaylorMade Stealth 2 Plus Rescue Hybrid

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The TaylorMade Stealth 2 Plus Rescue Hybrid offers a sleek design with improved forgiveness and high launch angles. It delivers exceptional playability, impressive ball speed, and adjustable loft options for versatility on the course.


Easy ball launch and maneuverability

Adjustable hosel for customization

Improved forgiveness compared to previous model


Carbon crown aesthetics may not suit all tastes.

We couldn’t contain our excitement when we finally got our hands on the all-new TaylorMade Stealth 2 Plus Rescue Hybrid. Right off the bat, we noticed a striking difference in the head design compared to its predecessor, the TaylorMade Stealth Plus hybrid. While the club still boasts the iconic black and red color scheme synonymous with the Stealth 2 Driver and Fairways, the noticeable change comes in the form of a glossy black finish replacing the silver detailing around the adjustable weight on the club’s back. The result? A sleeker, more stealthy aesthetic that we absolutely love.

However, there’s more to this change than meets the eye. TaylorMade has replaced the all-steel head with what they call an ‘Infinity’ carbon crown, strategically designed to save weight and shift the center of gravity lower in the club. This not only enhances forgiveness but also enables higher launch angles, resulting in a soft landing with a towering ball flight. On the course, we found that the back weighting significantly improved the club’s moment of inertia (MOI), a crucial factor in maximizing forgiveness.

Having taken the Stealth 2 Plus Rescue out for several rounds of golf, we were thoroughly impressed by its performance. The new Forged Twist Face technology delivered exceptional playability, regardless of where we made contact with the ball on the face. The feel it provided was on par with some of the best golf clubs available, and it generated impressive ball speed while effortlessly gliding through the turf. Compared to its predecessor, the Stealth 2 Plus Rescue proved much easier to launch than we had anticipated, featuring a slight draw bias. This makes it a viable option for skilled players who prefer adjusting the loft of their hybrid to suit different playing conditions.

If you want to delve deeper into our experience with the TaylorMade Stealth 2 Plus Rescue Hybrid, we invite you to read our comprehensive review. It covers all the details and insights you need to know about this exceptional club.

Ping G430 Hybrid



Ping G430 Hybrid

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The Ping G430 hybrid offers sleek visuals, impressive forgiveness, and a satisfying feel. It inspires confidence with its compact design and delivers impressive distances. Versatile and user-friendly, it suits golfers of all skill levels.


Excellent forgiveness across the entire face

Sleek and clean aesthetics

Impressive ball speeds generated


Challenging to shape shots with precision

The Ping G430 hybrid stands out as one of the best hybrids when it comes to feel, striking a perfect balance between sleek aesthetics and outstanding performance. It serves as a remarkable upgrade over the Ping G425 hybrid and embodies the qualities that Ping consistently gets right in their clubs. Visually, it features a sleek and refined design that exudes confidence and delivers a blend of forgiveness, feel, and power, despite its compact club head. The sole sits flush on the turf, creating a shallower appearance that instills even more confidence at address. A single grey dot on the head acts as a helpful alignment aid, replacing the three dots found on its predecessor.

Ping has successfully eliminated any metallic or tinny sounds that were present in the G425 hybrid, replacing them with a highly satisfying “crunch” sound upon impact. We thoroughly enjoyed this improvement, as the club felt hot off the face, delivering impressive distances both off the tee and from various lies. During our testing sessions, we found that holding greens from longer distances posed no problem, with the ball landing on the putting surface as if struck with a mid-iron.

Moreover, the Ping G430 hybrid stands out as one of the most forgiving hybrids currently available. Even on miss-hits, it provides strong carries, and it performs exceptionally well from a wide range of lies, particularly out of the rough. The weighting system implemented in this hybrid greatly enhances the overall hitting experience. The tungsten back-weight in the club contributes to a lower center of gravity in the clubhead, resulting in improved forgiveness on challenging lies. Based on our testing sessions, we believe that this hybrid is an excellent choice that will benefit golfers of varying abilities. Ultimately, the Ping G430 hybrid is a user-friendly option that offers forgiveness akin to a rescue wood.

To gain a comprehensive understanding of our experience with the Ping G430 Hybrid, we invite you to read our in-depth review. It delves into all the details and insights you need to make an informed decision about this exceptional hybrid club.

Callaway Paradym Hybrid



Callaway Paradym Hybrid

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The 2023 Callaway Paradym hybrid offers an appealing design, adjustable weight, impressive speed, and forgiveness, making it versatile for different players and performing well in rough conditions


Impressive ball speed and distance

Strong, consistent ball flight

Very versatile


Mid-sized head may not suit skilled players.

Callaway has established itself as a renowned brand, known for producing top-notch drivers and metalwoods. Their latest fairway wood, the Paradym, is one of the most anticipated releases of 2023, and it certainly lives up to the hype. From both an aesthetic and playability standpoint, it stands out as one of the most visually pleasing and enjoyable offerings we’ve had the pleasure of testing recently. The design cues draw inspiration from the successful Callaway Rogue ST, with a sleek black and silver crown complemented by an adjustable golf weight positioned behind the face. While the Paradym features a glossy black crown instead of the matte finish found on the Rogue ST, the overall look exudes a premium feel that golfers will appreciate.

But how does it perform compared to the market’s best golf hybrids? Well, one of the standout features of this club is its mid-sized, wood-shaped hybrid design, which caters to a wide range of preferences. At address, the Paradym hybrid instills confidence, yet it remains versatile enough for better players to shape their shots. As expected, it delivers solid speeds comparable to the impressive Rogue ST Max and provides a powerful feel even on off-center hits.

The Cutwave Sole design is another aspect that left a positive impression on us, particularly for those of us who frequently find ourselves in the rough. When faced with thick, wet grass, this feature proved to be extremely helpful in smoothly navigating through the turf and achieving solid contact with the ball. The forgiving face, combined with the inviting profile of the club, contributes to making the Paradym one of the most forgiving hybrids we’ve tested.

For a comprehensive review of the Callaway Paradym Hybrid, we invite you to read our detailed analysis.

Titleist TSR3 Hybrid



Titleist TSR3 Hybrid

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Titleist TSR3 Hybrid: Compact design with moveable-weight system for enhanced control and strong ball flight. Offers lower trajectory and versatile playability from different lies.


Beautiful, compact shape

Powerful sound and feel

Forgiving and versatile performance


Strong, low ball flight for some players

Titleist has introduced the TSR3 model, a compact hybrid that offers golfers greater control over their shots through its moveable-weight technology. In our testing, we found that this claim was substantiated by the impressive performance of the TSR3, which delivered a strong and penetrating ball flight.

It’s important to note that the flight trajectory of the TSR3 is noticeably lower compared to the Titleist TSR2 hybrid. To achieve the desired results, adjusting the weight placement may be necessary. However, what immediately caught our attention was the significantly more compact design of the TSR3. We appreciate Titleist’s clear differentiation in this regard, and the shorter heel-to-toe length made it more versatile from various lies on the course.

The TSR3 sets itself apart with a lower-pitched sound and a powerful feel that surpasses some of the other hybrids in its class. However, the standout feature for us was undoubtedly the moveable weight system integrated into the sole. The system is sleek, user-friendly, and its impact on ball flight was consistently noticeable when we made adjustments.

To gain a comprehensive understanding of our experience with the Titleist TSR3 Hybrid, we invite you to read our full review. It provides detailed insights and analysis, covering all aspects of this hybrid’s performance.

Cobra King Tec 2023 Hybrid



Cobra King Tec 2023 Hybrid

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The Cobra King Tec hybrid is a game-changer with its sleek design, lightweight carbon crown, and blazing ball speeds. It offers exceptional speed, forgiveness, and versatility for faster swingers and experienced players. Read our full review for more details.


Generates exceptionally fast ball speeds

Offers excellent forgiveness on off-center hits

Provides customization options with moveable weights


Larger footprint may not suit more skilled golfers

Designed for faster swingers and experienced players, the Cobra King Tec hybrid stands out as one of the most thrilling recent releases in the golfing world. It accompanies the excellent Aerojet hybrid and represents a significant upgrade from its predecessor in 2022. We couldn’t contain our excitement as we took this golf club for a spin on the course, and the first thing that caught our attention was the impeccable and refined finish Cobra has bestowed upon it, surpassing its predecessor in terms of aesthetics. The addition of a one-tone matte black finish gives the head a sleeker, more compact appearance.

Crafted with a carbon crown, this club sheds weight and redistributes it to the extremities, resulting in improved speed, precision, and forgiveness. Its lightweight nature allowed us to effortlessly maneuver it through the air, generating impressive speed upon impact. In fact, we were astounded by the explosive feel of the King Tec 2023 off the face. Our swing speeds reached approximately 149mph, with an average carry distance of about 244 yards—a significant upgrade from its predecessor.

Another notable feature is the interchangeable weights located on the sole, enabling golfers to fine-tune the club for specific ball flights. This aspect added a delightful element of experimentation, allowing us to adjust the weights based on our tendency to miss left or right, altering our ball flights and launch angles accordingly. Lastly, we must emphasize the versatility and playability of this hybrid. Regardless of the lie, we felt confident and at ease, thanks to its remarkable forgiveness—a quality that places it among the most forgiving hybrids available.

For a comprehensive analysis, we invite you to delve into our detailed review of the Cobra King Tec hybrid.

Mizuno ST-Z 230 Hybrid


Mizuno ST-Z 230 Hybrid

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Mizuno ST-Z 230 Hybrid: Forgiving, versatile, and visually appealing. Features Cortech Chamber for improved launch and spin control. Lowered sweet spot for easier contact and excellent performance from different lies.


Consistent speed and spin

Versatile performance

Sleek, classic looks


Long blade length may not suit everyone

The Mizuno ST-Z 230 hybrids proved to be another exceptional club during our testing, offering a forgiving and versatile experience both off the tee and from the ground. Visually, these clubs are truly impressive, with Mizuno’s decision to go with a sleek gloss black crown that presents a compact appearance at address. The elongated face, when aligned with the golf ball, instilled a sense of confidence.

Mizuno has incorporated a Cortech Chamber within the clubhead, strategically relocating the weight closer to the face and lowering the center of gravity. This design feature enhances control over launch and spin, resulting in improved performance. Additionally, the sweet spot has been lowered, making it even more forgiving and increasing ease of use, especially when encountering tighter lies on the fairway. Notably, the ST-Z 230 hybrids excelled in rough conditions, delivering high launch angles and soft landings on the greens.

For a comprehensive understanding of our experience with the Mizuno ST-Z 230 hybrids, we encourage you to read our full review. It provides detailed insights into the club’s performance, highlighting its strengths and capabilities across different scenarios on the course.

PXG 0211 2022 Hybrid

PXG 0211 2022 HYBRID

PXG 0211 2022 Hybrid

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PXG 0211 2022 Hybrid: Compact, stylish, and high-performing. Striking matte black crown with sleek white line and ‘X’ alignment marker. Impressive ball flights in challenging conditions. Versatile and easy to use from various lies. A standout option in the PXG lineup.


Versatile shape that instills confidence

Clean and modern aesthetics

Impressive ball flight with power


Falls short in terms of value compared to the exceptional driver counterpart

The PXG 0211 hybrid is a compact yet confidence-inspiring club that seamlessly blends striking aesthetics with impressive performance. Its clean and captivating appearance sets it apart from other hybrids on the market, instantly catching the eye with a matte black crown that beautifully contrasts against a curved white line and an ‘X’ alignment marker.

At address, this hybrid exudes a premium and contemporary aura, boasting a sleek matte black crown that appeals to the discerning golfer. Its relatively shallow profile attracts better players, while the generously wide face extends from toe to heel, offering a substantial hitting area.

When it comes to performance, the PXG 0211 hybrid truly shines. During our testing sessions on a wet and windy day, we were astounded by its ability to effortlessly navigate through challenging elements, delivering impressive distances both from the tee and off the ground. From various lies, we experienced consistent power and exceptional yardages, effortlessly propelling the ball towards our intended target. While the new PXG 0211 2022 Driver may steal the spotlight in the brand’s latest lineup, this hybrid will undoubtedly captivate the attention of players seeking a versatile and user-friendly rescue club.

For a comprehensive analysis, we invite you to explore our detailed review of the PXG 0211 2022 hybrid.

TaylorMade Stealth Rescue


TaylorMade Stealth Rescue

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TaylorMade Stealth Rescue: Tried and tested technology meets new carbon crown construction for optimal forgiveness and easy launch. Sleek design, firm feel, and impressive accuracy. Custom shaft options available.


Great-looking club with high shelf appeal

Stable, powerful flight and good stopping power


Less forgiving on off-center strikes

Lack of adjustability

The TaylorMade Stealth Rescue incorporates the proven and trusted hybrid technology that TaylorMade is known for, including the V Steel sole, Twist Face, and Speed Pocket. However, what sets the Stealth Rescue apart is its new carbon crown construction. The lighter head design allows engineers to redistribute seven grams of weight to achieve a lower center of gravity (CG), facilitating easy launch, optimal forgiveness, and improved performance.

At address, the sleek top line and carbon head instill confidence, while the Stealth Rescue proves to be user-friendly with a firm feel off the high-strength C300 steel face. Despite the changes in construction, the acoustics remain powerful, delivering a stable and penetrating trajectory.

During our testing on a launch monitor, we were particularly impressed with the Stealth Rescue’s accuracy and dispersion compared to other brands. Although it may not be the longest option available, we found this to be inconsequential, especially considering the wide range of custom shaft options that cater to individual swing preferences.

For a comprehensive analysis of our experience with the TaylorMade Stealth Rescue, we recommend reading our full review. It delves into the details of its performance, highlighting its strengths and addressing key aspects that golfers should consider when making their club selection.

Cleveland Launcher XL Halo Hybrid



Cleveland Launcher XL Halo Hybrid

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Cleveland Launcher XL Halo Hybrid: Editor’s Choice Award winner for its outstanding forgiveness and performance. XL head design with high MOI for stability and power. Glide Rails ensure straight strikes from any lie. Versatile and easy to hit.


Easy to hit from any lie

Provides high launch

Forgiving on off-center strikes


Loud impact sound

The Cleveland Launcher XL Halo Hybrid has rightfully secured its position as one of the most forgiving hybrids on the market, earning a well-deserved spot in our esteemed Editor’s Choice Awards for 2022. Packed with an impressive array of technologies, this hybrid is purposefully designed to assist golfers in escaping challenging lies while delivering power and precision.

At the heart of the Halo hybrid is Cleveland’s XL head design, which boasts a size that surpasses many other hybrids on the market. Additionally, it achieves an extraordinary MOI (Moment of Inertia) of 2,961—the highest ever seen in a Cleveland Golf hybrid. This remarkable combination of a large head and exceptional stability results in enhanced forgiveness and resistance precisely at the moment of impact, making it an appealing option for golfers across a wide range of skill levels.

During testing, we were delighted by the performance of the three Glide Rails incorporated into the sole design. These ingenious features played a significant role in maintaining a straight clubface, ensuring better strikes regardless of the quality of the lie. The Launcher XL Halo Hybrid also impressed us with its remarkable versatility, effortlessly tackling shots from any lie with ease. Even on mis-hits, it displayed exceptional forgiveness, while swiftly elevating the ball into the air.

For a more in-depth analysis, we invite you to explore our comprehensive review of the Cleveland Launcher XL Halo Hybrid, where we delve into its impressive features and performance characteristics.

Wilson Staff D9 Hybrid


Wilson Staff D9 Hybrid

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Wilson D9 Hybrid: Easy to hit with a hot, thin face for optimal feel and distance. Variable Face Technology boosts ball speed and launch angles. Wide range of loft options available. Fits seamlessly into any golfer’s bag.


Highly forgiving and easy to hit

Appealing aesthetics when addressing the ball


Lack of hosel adjustability

The Wilson D9 hybrid is a performance-packed club that stands out as one of the most user-friendly options available. Not only does it deliver impressive results on the course, but it also boasts an attractive design that instills confidence at address, setting the stage for optimal performance.

Crafted with precision using premium Carpenter Custom 455 steel, the face of the D9 hybrid is both hot and thin, providing an exceptional blend of feel and distance. The Variable Face Technology further enhances its performance by promoting high ball speeds and optimal launch angles

With a range of loft options available, from 17° to 31°, golfers can find the perfect fit for their game. While the hosel lacks adjustability, each loft variation is meticulously designed to ensure seamless integration into your bag. This makes the Wilson D9 hybrid a versatile choice that has the potential to suit the needs of golfers across the spectrum, provided they identify the right specifications for their individual gameplay.

For a comprehensive assessment of our experience with the Wilson D9 hybrid, we encourage you to read our detailed review. It dives deeper into the club’s performance characteristics, highlighting its strengths and offering valuable insights to aid in your decision-making process.

How we test golf hybrids

At Golftesters, we follow a consistent methodology when testing golf products, including hybrids. Our goal is to provide insightful, honest, and comprehensive evaluations. We attend product launches to meet with manufacturers’ R&D experts and understand the new technology behind the clubs.

Our testing begins at the indoor simulator at Foresight Sports, where we use premium balls and the GCQuad launch monitor to assess forgiveness, shot shaping abilities, and distance off the tee. We also utilize TrackMan at golf facilities across the UK for further analysis. Additionally, we evaluate hybrids on different lies to understand their performance on the course.

By employing this thorough testing approach, we aim to deliver accurate and reliable information to help you make informed decisions about hybrid clubs.

What to consider for the best golf hybrids

Determining which golf hybrid club to add to your bag can be a challenging decision, even when you know the top models available on the market. While a proper club fitting is the ideal solution, there are still some tips to consider if you are unable to go through a fitting process.


The performance of a hybrid is crucial, as it can greatly impact your game. To assess performance, we recommend testing the hybrids in various on-course scenarios such as off the tee, from the rough, fairway, around the green, and even from low-lipped fairway bunkers. This comprehensive testing will help you gauge their versatility and determine how well they suit your needs. Taking advantage of demo days is an excellent opportunity to conduct such testing and ensure that a hybrid is the right choice for you.


The feel of a hybrid during your golf swing, particularly at impact, is another important aspect to consider. Different models can produce distinct sound and feel characteristics. Some hybrids may offer a loud impact sound, while others provide a more muted feel. The sensation at impact is subjective and personal to each player. We recommend trying out different models both indoors and outdoors to gain a better understanding of your preferences and determine which feel resonates with you.


The visual appeal of a hybrid, especially at address, is significant as it can impact your confidence and overall experience on the course. Take your time to browse and examine different hybrids, ensuring that you appreciate their aesthetics and feel comfortable when looking down at the clubhead. Consider whether the design aligns with the rest of your setup and if it instills confidence when you uncover the head. While it may seem superficial, liking the look of your hybrid can boost your on-course performance.

Keep in mind that hybrids vary in appearance, with some resembling woods, others featuring a higher toe and iron-like design, and some having more rounded or square shapes. Physically handling the clubs will allow you to determine your preferences and make an informed decision.


Your budget is an important consideration when selecting a hybrid. With a wide range of options available, you can find quality clubs at various price points to suit your budget. If you prefer a premium brand, there are options available, but there is also value to be found in more affordable alternatives if owning a club from a top manufacturer is not a priority for you.


We understand that we’ve mentioned it before, but visiting a golf range and trying out different hybrids remains a valuable step. Many places still provide clubs with taped faces for range testing, allowing you to draw some conclusions about their weight, appearance, and how well the shaft suits your swing.

Even with tape on the face, hitting shots will give you a sense of the hybrid’s ease of use and its ability to launch the ball. This can be especially beneficial for higher handicappers. Skilled golfers might prefer a hybrid that offers more workability, making hosel adjustability an important feature to consider. Ultimately, the key is to prioritize the performance aspects that matter most to you and find a hybrid that checks the most boxes for your game.

If hybrids aren’t your preference, we have a wealth of information on our website about the best golf irons, fairway woods, and wedges that can help you navigate the course effectively


Conclusion on the Best Hybrid Golf Clubs

In summary, the best hybrid golf clubs offer forgiveness, versatility, and performance for golfers of all levels. These clubs bridge the gap between long irons and fairway woods, providing a balance of distance and control. Factors such as performance, feel, looks, budget, and testing should be considered when selecting a hybrid. By finding the right hybrid that suits your swing and preferences, you can enhance your game and enjoy greater success on the course.

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