When it comes to choosing your next set of the best ping irons, finding the right ones is essential for maximizing your performance on the course. Whether you’re looking for increased distance or improved consistency, investing in the right irons is a significant decision considering their cost.

Ping is a well-known brand that excels in producing consistent and user-friendly irons. Their range of golf irons caters to players of all levels and abilities. From the sleek and precise Blueprint irons to the forgiving G430 for game improvement, Ping offers a variety of options to suit your needs. Just ask professional golfer Lee Westwood, who has relied on Ping irons throughout his successful career.

best ping irons

In the following sections, I will guide you through the best Ping irons currently available. However, if Ping doesn’t resonate with you, we also provide comprehensive guides on the best irons from other leading brands such as Titleist, Callaway, Mizuno, and TaylorMade. No matter what you’re searching for, rest assured that we’ve got you covered.

Reviews of Our Best PING Irons

PING i230 Irons

Best For Low Handicaps


PING i230 Irons

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Ping i230 irons: Preferred by low-handicap golfers for solid impact, great feel, and high-penetrating ball flight. Compact and forgiving with consistent loft gapping. Highly rated with 5-star customer reviews.


Long and forgiving

Great sound and feel

Easy to elevate with excellent trajectory



The Ping i230s stand out as my personal favorite among Ping’s low-handicap irons.

These irons offer a solid impact that allows for excellent control, accompanied by a pleasing sound and feel that provides exceptional feedback. Their ability to launch the ball effortlessly and achieve a high-penetrating ball flight is truly impressive. Additionally, they strike the right balance of forgiveness, enhancing the overall performance.

Ping has skillfully optimized the launch, spin, forgiveness, and moment of inertia (MOI) for the i230s, all within a compact clubhead design, distinguishing them from the i210s (which I also admire).

What I particularly appreciate is the consistent loft gapping between the clubs. The pitching wedge through 7-irons maintain a 4-degree gap, while the 7-iron through 3-iron have a slightly adjusted 3.5-degree gap. Although I’m unsure about the reasoning behind this change, it doesn’t affect the overall performance.

Compared to the i59s and i525s, I prefer the i230s due to their superior sound and feel, not to mention my improved performance with them. While the heads are slightly larger than the other models, they still maintain a comfortable size. Hitting them brought back fond memories of my experience with the G425s, which I also held in high regard.

During my rounds with the i230s, I found myself consistently positioned on or around the green. This speaks volumes about their performance.

Looking at customer reviews, the i230s have garnered 11 reviews, all of which rate them with a perfect 5-star rating.

In conclusion, the Ping i230s combine attractive aesthetics, exceptional performance, and a satisfying feel. I highly recommend giving them a try. If their looks appeal to you, rest assured that you’ll be delighted with their playability and overall feel.

PING G425 Irons


PING G425 Irons

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Ping G425 irons are ideal for mid to higher handicaps, providing easy hitting, high trajectory, great distance, and forgiveness. Positive customer reviews and customizable loft options make them a must-try.


Effortless to Strike

Impressive Ball Flight

Exceptional Distance and Forgiveness


No Downsides – Worth a Try

We highly recommend considering the Ping G425 irons, especially if you fall into the mid-handicap range or even have a higher handicap. These irons have truly impressed us, and we have a few compelling reasons why we hold them in such high regard.

First and foremost, hitting the G425 irons is an absolute joy as they offer exceptional ease of use and impressive elevation. Additionally, they provide all the distance you could possibly need, and if you’re seeking even more, Ping offers stronger loft options. What’s truly remarkable is that you can consistently achieve excellent shots without requiring perfect contact. The feel and sound of these mid-handicap irons are also fantastic, further enhancing the overall experience.

Surprisingly, even as someone accustomed to playing low-handicap irons made of soft carbon steel, I found the G425s to exceed my expectations. I had anticipated a harsh and rigid feel, but to my delight, they performed exceptionally well. As a low-handicap ball striker, I was able to execute any shot I desired with these irons.

The G425 irons deliver an exceptional level of forgiveness, ensuring that slight mishits have minimal impact on distance and feel. The already impressive lofts can be further adjusted to suit your game if needed.

Based on customer reviews, 97% of buyers would wholeheartedly recommend the Ping G425 irons, resulting in an impressive average rating of 4.8 out of 5 from 218 reviews.

Our recommendation is simple: You owe it to yourself to give the Ping G425 irons a test. We are confident that once you experience their performance, you’ll be inclined to keep them as your go-to choice on the golf course.

PING G430 Irons

Top Pick


PING G430 Irons

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Ping G430 irons: Updated package with playability, forgiveness, and impressive distance. Comparable to G425s, but not a significant improvement. Worth considering for new buyers.


Easy to hit and elevate

High trajectory with a straight ball flight

Ability to shape and control ball flight


Not the best in terms of aesthetics

The Ping G430s offer all the playability, performance, and feel of the beloved G425s, but with an updated design.

These irons are incredibly easy to hit and launch effortlessly. They naturally want to soar high and straight, allowing you to control the ball flight as desired. Whether you need to shape shots, bring the trajectory down, or add extra distance, the G430s are versatile enough to accommodate your game. They provide the same remarkable feel and forgiveness as their predecessor.

In terms of distance, the G430s feature stronger lofts and incorporate additional technology to enhance overall yardage. On the course, I noticed that well-struck shots traveled approximately half a club length farther, and I even achieved some astonishing distances on my launch monitor.

Similar to the G425s, the G430s excel in delivering exceptional contact at the center of the face, but they also offer favorable results on slight mishits. Throughout my rounds, I found myself consistently positioned around the greens, which speaks to the overall performance of these irons.

In conclusion, while the G430s do not represent a significant leap forward from the outstanding G425s, it would be unrealistic to expect such a drastic improvement. The G425s are simply exceptional in their own right.

Verdict: If you already own the G425s, there isn’t a pressing need to upgrade. However, if you’re in the market for new irons and considering both sets, I recommend testing them both to determine which set aligns best with your preferences and needs.

PING i59 Irons

Best Looking


PING i59 Irons

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Ping i59 irons: Impressive looks and solid performance for low handicappers, but the feel and sound may not be to everyone’s liking. Positive customer reviews and a decent recommendation rate.


Long, accurate, and consistent performance

Stunningly gorgeous aesthetics


Higher price point

Harsh sound and feel upon impact

The Ping i59 irons hold the second spot in my rankings for low handicap irons from Ping, and here’s why:

First and foremost, these irons are undeniably gorgeous and exude a visually appealing presence behind the ball. Additionally, they offer a well-balanced feel that contributes to a smooth swing.

When it comes to distance control and shot dispersion, the i59s truly excel. During my extensive testing, which included multiple days on the range and a round of golf, I found that these irons provide ample length while still being forgiving on minor mishits. The ball flight falls within the medium-high to high range, and the distance remains consistent, allowing me to consistently find myself pin-high throughout the day.

However, it’s important to note that the i59s have a distinct harsh feel and sound that personally didn’t resonate with me. While they are the best-looking irons from Ping, this particular aspect was a bit offputting.

Based on customer reviews, the i59 irons have received an average rating of 4.7 out of 27 reviews, with 83% of reviewers expressing their willingness to recommend them to a friend.

In summary, the i59 irons boast an attractive design, but they lack the premium feel and performance that some golfers may seek in low handicap irons.

PING G410 Irons


PING G410 Irons

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Ping G410 irons are a top choice for mid-handicap players, offering forgiveness, exceptional performance, and impressive distance for holding greens, despite their less appealing appearance.


Easy to hit and elevate

Good trajectory and playability

Excellent distance and forgiveness


Not the most visually appealing

The Ping G410 irons hold a special place as my second favorite mid-handicap irons from Ping, and for several compelling reasons.

One standout feature of the G410 irons is their ability to produce remarkable results even with less-than-perfect contact. They offer a high level of playability and forgiveness across the entire face, allowing for consistent performance and increased confidence.

What truly impressed me about the G410 irons is their exceptional sound and feel, which surpasses what one would typically expect from a mid-handicap iron. The feedback provided at impact is both satisfying and indicative of the club’s performance.

During my testing phase, I had the opportunity to compare the G410 irons with the G425s. The two sets showed striking similarities in almost every aspect, apart from some minor cosmetic differences. The ball flight between them was virtually identical, showcasing the G410’s generous sweet spot and its ability to consistently deliver beautiful trajectories with each shot.

I found myself thoroughly enjoying hitting the G410 irons, and their distance capabilities should not be overlooked. They exhibited impressive carry numbers and were more than capable of holding any green that a mid-handicap golfer typically encounters.

In conclusion, the performance of the G410 irons is truly remarkable and is on par with our Editor’s Pick. While they may not excel in the cosmetics department, their feel and performance more than compensate for any aesthetic considerations.

Verdict: If you’re in the market for new irons, I highly recommend giving the Ping G410 irons a try. Their outstanding performance is unlikely to disappoint, and I am confident that you won’t be returning them based on their performance alone. Give them a shot—I almost guarantee you’ll be impressed.

PING i525 Irons

Best For Wide Range


PING i525 Irons

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The Ping i525 iron combines a classic look with modern performance, delivering impressive distance, forgiveness, and a soft feel. With tungsten weights, a maraging steel face, and extra grooves, it’s built for speed and power. Check out our review for more details.


Stunning aesthetics

Impressive ball speeds and distance


Alignment can be challenging

Say hello to the i525 iron, the worthy successor to the i500 and the perfect bridge between the G430 and i230 in Ping’s iron lineup. Sporting a sleek, slimline chassis, the i525 follows the hollow, distance-oriented design philosophy. However, Ping boldly claims that internal changes in the head will take distance, forgiveness, and feel to unprecedented heights.

The i525 comes equipped with some noteworthy features. Tungsten toe and hosel weights enhance stability, while the new maraging steel face delivers impressive ball speed. To combat those pesky fliers from the rough, Ping has added four extra grooves for optimum control. Furthermore, an EVA polymer resides inside the head, providing a softer feel that enhances the overall playing experience.

Not only is the i525 hailed as one of the finest compact mid-handicap irons on the market, but it’s also designed for speed and power. It seamlessly combines classic aesthetics with cutting-edge performance, making it an enticing option for discerning golfers.

If you’re hungry for more details, be sure to check out our comprehensive Ping i525 Irons Review.

Ping Blueprint Irons

Best For Top Players


Ping Blueprint Irons

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The Ping Blueprint irons are visually appealing blade-style clubs designed for skilled players. They provide maximum consistency in distance control, easy ball shaping, and excellent workability, making them a top choice for elite golfers.


Exceptional feel

Highly workable for shot shaping


Not the most forgiving in terms of forgiveness

The Ping Blueprint iron epitomizes the essence of the best golf blade irons, catering to those with a fearless approach to their game. Its striking design embodies the classic blade-style iron, crafted entirely from 8620 carbon steel. In my opinion, this club stands out as one of Ping’s most visually appealing offerings.

With a shorter blade length, minimal offset, and narrower sole widths compared to other Ping irons, the Blueprint is tailored for exceptional ball strikers. The one-piece forging process employed in its construction ensures precise control and maximum consistency in distance. Additionally, the inclusion of a machined tungsten toe screw weight and internal heel weight allows for precise swing weight customization. The hydropearl finish also reduces glare on sunny days, enhancing overall performance.

During testing, I discovered that once you find your rhythm, the Blueprint delivers pleasing results despite its relatively small hitting area. It offers exceptional versatility, allowing you to shape shots and manipulate ball flight effortlessly. This true blade iron is reserved for the most skilled players, but for those seeking a visually appealing club with maximum workability, the Ping Blueprint is undoubtedly worth considering.

Read our comprehensive Ping Blueprint Irons Review for further insights.

Ping G710 Irons


Ping G710 Irons

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The Ping G710 irons are designed for improving players, offering impressive speed, power, and forgiveness. With a black PVD coating and Arccos shot-tracking sensors, they are a great choice for enhancing consistency and distance.


Striking black finish

High ball flight and good distance


Limited workability compared to other Ping irons

Prepare to be captivated by the striking Ping G710 iron, boasting a sleek black PVD coating that sets it apart from the crowd. Crafted with the needs of improving players in mind, this iron aims to unlock the full potential of your game. The flexible maraging steel face replicates the sensational feel of a fairway metal, while delivering impressive speed and power that will leave you in awe.

One of the standout features of the G710 is its high-density tungsten toe and heel weights, strategically positioned to elevate the Moment of Inertia. This intelligent design maximizes club head and ball speed, offering a truly exhilarating performance on the course.

During our rigorous testing, we were thrilled to witness the G710’s ability to produce a satisfyingly high ball flight and impressive distances, even on off-center strikes. As an added bonus, the inclusion of Arccos shot-tracking sensors embedded in the grips as standard further enhances its appeal. This makes the G710 a fantastic choice for improving golfers seeking enhanced consistency and distance. It comes as no surprise that this iron also finds its place in our guides on the most forgiving irons and best distance irons on the market.

For a comprehensive exploration of the Ping G710’s remarkable attributes, delve into our detailed Ping G710 Irons Review.

Ping G Le 2 Irons


Ping G Le 2 Irons

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The Ping G Le 2 iron is designed for women golfers and slower swing speeds, featuring advanced technologies for enhanced consistency and distance. It works well with G Le 2 hybrids and is highly recommended.


Increased distance

Higher ball flight


Limited shot shaping ability

The Ping G Le 2 iron is a thoughtfully crafted club designed specifically for women golfers, although it can also benefit male players with slower swing speeds. Its stylish appearance is complemented by an array of technologies aimed at delivering enhanced consistency and distance. Notably, the implementation of COR-Eye technology imbues the face with increased flexibility, resulting in a spring-like effect that boosts ball speed and launches it higher into the air.

Strategically positioned weights contribute to a low and deep center of gravity, maximizing the Moment Of Inertia and further elevating the launch angle for optimal distance. As a whole, this iron impresses with its performance and seamlessly integrates into a blended set alongside the G Le 2 hybrids. For a comprehensive analysis, I encourage you to delve into our detailed Ping G Le 2 Irons review. And if you’re seeking more exceptional golf irons tailored for women, don’t miss our guide featuring the top models.

Read our in-depth Ping G Le 2 Irons review for further insights.


Conclusion on the Best PING Irons

In conclusion, PING offers a wide range of irons that cater to different skill levels and player preferences. Whether you’re a high handicapper, a mid-handicapper, or an experienced golfer, PING has options to suit your needs. Their irons are known for their forgiveness, playability, and performance. From the G425s for forgiveness and ease of use to the i230s for the better player seeking precision, PING delivers quality and innovation. Consider the best PING irons for their impressive design, feel, and consistent performance on the golf course.

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