Have you ever wondered why golfers opt for a lone glove? 

Are you curious about the etiquette of wearing two gloves? Shawn K. from California isn’t alone in asking. We’re all about addressing the cool factor. The perception of coolness is subjective; if dual gloves suit your style, rock them. There’s no rulebook dictating otherwise.

So, why is there a single-glove trend among golfers? Let’s rewind to the 1800s when golf clubs boasted rudimentary grips. To fend off blisters and calluses, early golfers employed canvas or sheepskin. These makeshift gloves evolved into the leather gloves prevalent today, possibly influenced by sports like baseball.

Why Do Golfers Wear One Glove?

But what’s the deal with modern players sticking to one glove? The lead hand, bearing the brunt of the grip, is more prone to blisters and slippage. A glove enhances grip and aids in releasing tension for smoother swings. Conversely, the lower hand, less involved in the swing, often goes gloveless, fostering a better feel.

Historically, golfers shunned gloves on their dominant hand to avoid soiling them with drink condensation or cigar oil. The habit persists, partly rooted in tradition and comfort.

Wearing one glove isn’t just about habit; it’s about feeling. While exceptions like Tommy “Two Gloves” Gainey exist, most prefer the tactile feedback of one glove. Plus, it keeps one hand cool and maintains grip sensitivity.

Fred Couples and other gloveless pros prove that grip maintenance trumps glove reliance. Clean, fresh grips ensure optimal glove performance.

Ultimately, glove preference boils down to personal choice, without judgment on coolness. So, whether you opt for no gloves, one glove, or two, swing away confidently. And remember, it’s all about the grip!

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