For diabetic golfers, stepping onto the green means more than just mastering the swing; it’s about safeguarding your soles with the best golf shoes for people with diabetes. Here’s the scoop: your passion for putting could unwittingly put your feet at risk, courtesy of two culprits – nerve damage and less-than-ideal circulation. Imagine your feet lose their sense of touch, not whispering a word about the chill, the burn, or the sharp surprises that could be hiding in your shoes, like rogue pebbles or an elusive paperclip.

Now, envisage you’re deep in the game, your focus unwavering, yet unbeknownst to you, your shoes are quietly conspiring, pinching, and rubbing in all the wrong places. A regular golf outing could unwittingly turn into a covert operation against your feet.

Combine sluggish circulation with those nerve shenanigans, and you’ve got a perfect storm for foot ulcers, especially when your shoes are more foe than friend, causing friction and pressure. But here’s the good news: the quest for the best golf shoes for diabetics isn’t a wild goose chase. The latest offerings from leading golf shoe brands are like a fortress for your feet, designed to minimize risks and maximize comfort.

Striding with these specialized shoes means your feet can breathe easy, reveling in safety and style, ensuring your golfing days stretch long and rewarding. With the right shoes, your feet are all set to walk, run, and swing through rounds today and many tomorrow.

Risks for Diabetics on the Golf Course

Golfing with diabetes poses unique challenges, particularly concerning foot health. Diabetic golfers face heightened risks due to potential nerve damage and compromised blood circulation in the feet. This diminished circulation can slow down the healing process for foot injuries, escalating the chances of infections. 

Moreover, nerve damage might lead to numbness, significantly reducing the ability to detect sensations such as temperature changes or pain. This can affect golf performance and increase the likelihood of unnoticed injuries, making vigilant foot care essential for diabetic golfers.

Top Picks for Diabetic-Friendly Golf Shoes

Top Picks for Diabetic-Friendly Golf Shoes

1.Toe Box

Imagine a cozy nook for your toes, ensuring they’re not squashed against the front, with ample wiggle room and no squeezing over the foot’s balls.

Opt for materials that let your feet breathe – think perforated leather or, even better, fabric options unless you’re braving damp fairways. These materials wick away moisture, ensuring your feet stay refreshingly dry. Plus, a supple toe box that caresses rather than chafes? Essential.

Why? Dry feet are your best defense against pesky ulcers or wounds while traversing the green. Keep those feet content, and you’re not just playing golf; you’re walking comfortably, one hole at a time.


The tongue should boast a generous width and plush padding, ensuring those laces don’t burrow painfully atop your foot. Have you ever noticed tongues with clever slits? They’re there for lacing through, anchoring the tongue securely, eliminating any wanderlust it might have as you navigate the course’s expanse. 

This feature is a game-changer, keeping everything stable and comfortable, no matter how long your golfing journey stretches. Embrace this blend of comfort and function, and let your feet experience serenity with every step.


This is a gateway where your foot slips in. It’s all about the rim here – it should hug your foot with the proper padding, sitting low to dodge any contact with your ankle bones. Why? That’s where your skin’s stretched thin, vulnerable to the slightest friction. 

Ensuring this area is cushioned and non-intrusive means safeguarding your feet against those sneaky, irksome rubs, keeping your golf rounds blissfully uninterrupted by foot woes.

4.Heel Counter

Focus on the heel counter, the snug cradle for your heel. A taller heel counter isn’t just about height; it’s a fortress of support, minimizing chafing with each step you take. Opt for shoes boasting this elevated feature, complete with a thoughtful notch cradling your Achilles tendon, ensuring it’s free from any uncomfortable pressure. 

This design isn’t merely about comfort; it’s a strategic ally, enhancing your walk across the greens and making every step feel like a stride in the park.


Consider the outsole, typically crafted from durable carbon rubber, the essence of the shoe that meets the ground. It’s not just about enduring wear and tear; it’s a balance of resilience and flexibility, ensuring every step on the green is as steady as it is comfortable.

What to Avoid

Ditch the slip-on loafer-style golf shoes; they’re a no-go. Why? They need to catch up on coverage over the top of your foot, falling short on support. They’re typically crafted from stiff, unpadded leather, a recipe for unwanted friction.

And those golf sandals? Skip them. Their straps are friction’s best friends, hardly the allies you want on the course.

What to Avoid

1.Spikeless Golf Shoe Alternatives

Do you feel that stud pressure from traditional golf spikes? It can target the balls of your feet with discomfort. Enter the game-changing spikeless golf shoe, a rising star for its added comfort. In my spikeless pair, I glide through 36 holes effortlessly, a stark contrast to the old-school spiked versions that start to punish after just 14 or 15 holes.

2.Lacing Up: Choosing the Right Option

Opt for laces that thread through leather or fabric loops or even punched-out holes, offering that essential flexibility over the less forgiving plastic or metal eyelets. This flexibility is critical, allowing the shoe to adapt seamlessly to your foot’s contours as you navigate the course.

Consider round laces over flat ones; they’re champions of stretch, providing that extra comfort during your extended treks interspersed with golf shots. Stay clear of stiff, unyielding laces that might exert unwanted pressure on your skin.

A clever innovation from many shoe brands is the inclusion of a tightness adjuster located on the shoe’s tongue or heel. Imagine tweaking it like a wrench to fine-tune the fit of your shoe, a feature that spells sheer convenience and a boon for golfers managing diabetes.

Best Golf Shoes For Diabetics

TRUE Linkswear TRUE ORIGINAL 1.2 golf shoes

TRUE Linkswear TRUE ORIGINAL 1.2 golf shoes

TRUE Linkswear TRUE ORIGINAL 1.2 golf shoes

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Unveiling the TRUE Linkswear TRUE ORIGINAL 1.2, a stellar choice for diabetic golfers who prioritize style and substance. Crafted from premium materials, these shoes stand out as the ultimate golfing companion, offering a blend of aesthetics and functionality tailored to meet the unique needs of seniors with diabetes.


2-year waterproof guarantee for enduring comfort.

Wide toe box accommodates all foot sizes.

Neoprene tongue for superior moisture defense.

Antimicrobial insert for comfort and freshness.



The TRUE Linkswear TRUE ORIGINAL 1.2 stands out as the quintessential golf shoe for people with diabetes, praised for its quality craftsmanship and diabetic-friendly design. Sporting a minimalist aesthetic, it offers a spacious toe box and a zero-drop sole, prioritizing comfort and stability, crucial for those long 36-hole days.

The broad sole enhances your connection to the ground, providing exceptional traction and an unparalleled feel of the course. Crafted from premium, durable materials, these shoes are ready to perform straight out of the box. The “alternative” leather upper is resilient and authentic in feel, while the flexible rubber sole maintains its suppleness even in cooler temperatures, a notable upgrade from standard golf footwear.

However, the standout feature is its impeccable waterproofing, ensuring dry, comfortable feet in any weather, thanks to an integrated waterproof “bootie” and a breathable neoprene tongue. Designed for year-round play, they offer protection, comfort, and breathability, especially in senior golf circles.

Ecco Pro Cage BOA Golf Shoe

Ecco Pro Cage BOA Golf Shoe

Ecco Pro Cage BOA Golf Shoe

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Discover the Ecco Pro Cage BOA Golf Shoe: a fusion of luxury and practicality, perfect for any golfer. Its BOA lacing system ensures a flawless fit, while the innovative cage design offers unparalleled support. Enjoy the comfort of spikeless soles and the dual benefits of a waterproof, breathable Gore-Tex exterior. Elevate your golf experience with this top-tier, diabetic-friendly shoe designed for peak performance and comfort.


Effortless BOA lacing for an instant, perfect fit.

Spikeless design for even weight distribution.

Comfort-focused soft insoles.

Dual-action: water-resistant exterior, breathable interior.


Premium pricing.

Limited color options.

Embrace the Ecco Pro Cage BOA, a marvel in diabetic-friendly golf footwear. This shoe surrounds your foot with a supportive ‘cage,’ ensuring comprehensive protection from heel to toe. Its innovative BOA lacing system, featuring a simple twist knob, allows for a customizable fit, eliminating any chance of irritation, particularly over the foot’s top.

The shoe’s design is thoughtfully crafted with a padded throat, higher heel support, and an ankle-friendly cut. Its spikeless base eliminates discomfort, spreading pressure evenly, which is ideal for those lengthy rounds. However, quality comes at a price, and Ecco’s renowned craftsmanship is an investment in your comfort.

The shoe integrates a Gore-Tex upper, offering a dual benefit: it keeps external moisture out while allowing your feet to breathe, ensuring dryness and comfort. Perfect for any diabetic golfer seeking top-tier footwear, these shoes are ready to wear yet compatible with orthotics for personalized support.

Skechers Go Pro Golf Shoe

Skechers Go Pro Golf Shoe

Skechers Go Pro Golf Shoe

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Elevate your golf game with the Skechers Go Pro Golf Shoe, blending unmatched comfort with practical innovation. Enjoy waterproof protection, exceptional traction with replaceable soft spikes, and the perfect fit with innovative round laces. Designed for peak performance, this shoe ensures you stay comfortable and focused, making every round an enjoyable experience. Step into excellence and make your mark on the course!


Durable heel and sole for long-lasting wear.

Supreme comfort, akin to your favorite sneakers.

Ingenious round laces with a tongue slit for stability.

Quickly replaceable soft spikes for ongoing grip.


Limited perforations in the toe box area.

Step into the Skechers Go Pro 2, a favorite of golf enthusiasts and professionals alike, including the renowned Matt Kuchar. This shoe doesn’t just carry the Skechers legacy of comfort; it elevates it with a waterproof toe box, ensuring your feet remain dry and comfortable, regardless of the weather.

The replaceable soft spikes on the sole are engineered for exceptional traction, ensuring stability on any terrain. The round laces are designed to flex with your foot, enhancing comfort as you move, and they’re smartly integrated through a slit in the tongue for consistent positioning, reducing any chance of irritation.

With strategic padding in the throat and robust heel support, this shoe guarantees a secure fit, protecting your heel and Achilles through every swing and stride.

Adidas Tech Response 4.0 Golf Shoe

Adidas Tech Response 4.0 Golf Shoe

Adidas Tech Response 4.0 Golf Shoe

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Discover the Adidas Tech Response 4.0 Golf Shoe, blending lightweight comfort with peak breathability. Ideal for golfers seeking excellent, dry feet on the course, it features a flexible design and quick-drying materials, perfect for any playing conditions. Embrace the balance of performance and comfort at a great value, and elevate your golf experience with Adidas’s renowned quality and design.


Unmatched toe box breathability.

Featherlight is built for all-day comfort.

Flexible lacing system for a responsive fit.


The aesthetic may not suit all tastes.

Better suited for dry conditions due to moisture entry.

Adidas hits the mark with the Tech Response 4.0, offering golfers a lightweight, competitively priced shoe that excels in breathability. Its design features ample breathable material, ensuring that your feet stay cool and that moisture from sweat is quickly expelled.

While its lightness and airflow are significant pluses, it’s worth noting that external moisture, like morning dew, may find its way in. However, the shoe’s breathable nature also means any moisture that does enter dries quickly as conditions improve.

The shoe’s round laces, running through neatly punched holes and a tongue slit, provide flexibility, reducing friction and enhancing foot movement. Despite slightly less padding in the throat area, it offers enough cushioning to rival a good tennis shoe, coupled with solid heel support and a design that makes it easy to slip on and secure.

Adidas Tour360 Boost Golf Shoe

Adidas Tour360 Boost Golf Shoe

Adidas Tour360 Boost Golf Shoe

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Embrace the Adidas Tour360 Boost Golf Shoe, combining classic elegance with modern tech. It features superior midfoot support, enhanced comfort with foam insoles, and excellent traction for peak performance. Perfect for golfers who value style and functionality, ensuring a standout experience on the course.


Elegantly designed with a Tour-inspired style.

Innovative Wrap360 and midsole for arch support.

Enhanced heel support, tailored for golfing agility.

Soft spikes provide exceptional traction.


Flat laces, though easily swapped for rounded ones.

Consider sizing up for the best fit.

Tailored for narrow feet; wider feet might prefer half sizes.

The Adidas Tour360 Boost stands out with its classic aesthetic, merging the timeless appeal of traditional golf shoes with the advanced functionality modern golfers demand. Despite its conventional look, it doesn’t skimp on comfort or flexibility, incorporating innovative features to enhance your game.

Central to its design is the underfoot flexibility, promoting a harmonious balance between the heel and forefoot, thus supporting the arch magnificently. Encircling the midfoot is the 360Wrap, offering unparalleled fit and support once tightened, optimizing midfoot stability.

While it features flat laces threading through eyelets and a slit in the tongue for a secure fit, the true marvel lies in the sole’s special foam, delivering responsive cushioning and enduring support throughout your game. It’s a shoe that excels in keeping moisture at bay while ensuring comfort, thanks to its excellent water-resistant properties and sweat-dispersing capabilities.

Puma Ignite Golf Shoe

Puma Ignite

Puma Ignite

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Experience the Puma Ignite golf shoes, designed for ultimate comfort with a plush foam interior and spikeless traction for smooth, consistent gameplay. Ideal for golfers seeking soft, supportive footwear for long rounds, these shoes are perfect for dry conditions and deliver a snug, lightweight fit. Elevate your game with the exceptional comfort and stability of Puma Ignite, your go-to choice for effortless performance on the course.


Spikeless design maximizes comfort.

Ideal for players to prioritize softness.

Secure fit minimizes foot friction.


Not the best pick for heavier players; potential slip risk.

The Puma Ignite golf shoe is a dream for those seeking soft, all-encompassing, comfortable wear. Its spikeless design enhances traction, evenly distributes weight, and eliminates the discomfort of spikes or studs. The shoe’s foam is exceptionally soft, offering a luxurious feel with every step.

However, it’s best suited for dry conditions; its mesh construction might let water in on wet courses, making it less ideal for rainy days. In optimal conditions, though, it’s perfect for long rounds, enabling you to walk two 18-hole courses easily. Its plush comfort makes it an excellent choice for those who prefer riding carts, ensuring a smooth, frictionless experience.


Embrace the game-changing comfort with the best golf shoes for people with diabetes, ensuring a perfect fit is just a purchase away. The hassle-free return policy guarantees that finding your ideal match is risk-free, promising shoes that maintain the freshness of your feet from the first tee to the last green. 

You’ll regret not upgrading sooner once you experience the difference of well-fitted, supportive footwear. Envision relaxing in the clubhouse, your feet entirely at ease, ready and raring for another 18 holes. 

It’s time to retire those old ‘classics’ that no longer serve you. Transition to a pair of Eccos and discover why they might become the go-to brand for your entire footwear collection, enhancing every step with unparalleled comfort and diabetic-friendly support.

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