Ever tee off, and since it will be a stellar day on the course? The hidden key is your golf swing tempo. A well-synced tempo makes the game feel effortless. If you sense your golf swing tempo faltering, try one of my top golf tempo drills before frustration takes hold. These exercises serve as gentle reminders of the smooth, easy rhythm that defines excellent golf.

What Is Tempo?

Tempo encompasses the speed of your swing, akin to the rhythm of a melody. While there’s no one-size-fits-all formula for ideal golf tempo, numerous top players adhere to a 3:1 backswing-to-downswing ratio.

What does this entail? It means taking three counts (1, 2, 3) for the backswing and one for the downswing and follow-through. Exceptional players maintain this tempo consistency across shots and clubs.

However, the tempo may vary slightly in the short game, with many golfers finding a 2:1 ratio effective for shorter shots.

Regaining Your Golf Swing Tempo: Four Essential Drills

Here, I’ll share four of my preferred golf tempo drills. Try each one, but ideally, find your go-to drill for those challenging moments on the course.

1. Two-Ball Drill

Two-Ball Drill

Begin with a pitching wedge or any short to mid-iron. Position two golf balls in front of you, about three inches behind the other. Address the first ball and ensure your backswing dislodges the second ball. By doing so, you’ll strike the remaining ball cleanly on your downswing.

Why It Works:

This drill necessitates a slightly slowed backswing to clear the second ball, ensuring the club follows the correct path at the appropriate pace. Addressing tempo issues often involves rectifying rushed takeaways, which can lead to clubface and path discrepancies. Engage with this drill to witness an overall improvement in your tempo, resulting in cleaner contact and enhanced distance.

2. “Pause At The Top” Drill

Incorporate a brief pause at the pinnacle of your golf swing to establish a smooth transition from the backswing to the downswing. This pause, though brief, fosters a sense of control and deliberation, countering the common tendency among amateurs to rush their swings.

Why It Works:

The pause facilitates coordination among various moving parts of your swing, allowing your lower body and shoulders to rotate effectively. This drill promotes a more measured and deliberate tempo, mitigating the urge to swing recklessly.

3. “Feet Together” Drill

 "Feet Together" Drill

Adopting the feet together stance simplifies the golf swing, enabling you to concentrate on refining your tempo. Start with your feet side by side, ensuring the ball aligns with the midpoint. Execute a controlled turn, providing coordination between your body and arms while maintaining balance.

Why It Works:

By eliminating the complexity of foot positioning, this drill directs your focus toward honing your tempo. Particularly effective for short irons, it streamlines your swing mechanics and fosters better tempo management.

4. Metronome Practice

Utilize a metronome app during practice sessions to synchronize your swing with an ideal tempo. Experiment with different beats until you find one that suits your rhythm, ensuring consistency across your swings.

Why It Works:

Metronome apps provide auditory cues to align your swing with your desired tempo, making it an invaluable tool for practice sessions on the range.

Should I Decelerate My Swing to Restore Tempo?

Struggling with tempo often leads to the sensation of swinging too swiftly. However, decelerating your swing isn’t the remedy. Slowing down may diminish distance and keep the clubface open at impact. Instead, focus on refining your rhythm.

Should I Decelerate My Swing to Restore Tempo?

Frequently Ask Question


By integrating these golf swing tempo drills, you’ll regain a sense of mastery over your swing, facilitating consistent shot-making. If someone suggests you should “Just slow down,” interpret it as indicating that your golf swing tempo may need attention. 

However, simply decelerating your swing won’t necessarily enhance your performance. Dedicate some swings to practicing these drills to restore your golf swing tempo.

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