Are you a low handicapper or hovering around the low single digits? Selecting the best golf balls for low handicappers is paramount for your game. Why? Well, when you’re shooting in the 70s, every stroke counts and a top-notch golf ball could mean the disparity between a bogey and a par.

For low handicappers, the best choice typically falls within the Pro V1 range. However, I’m always keen on experimenting with different balls until I discover the one that grants me consistent playability and unwavering reliability. Doubt has no place on the green. With over two decades of experience as a low handicapper, I can attest that the golf ball epitomizes your dedication, reflected in your score.

Best Golf Balls For Low Handicappers 

Vice Pro Plus golf balls

Vice Pro Plus golf balls

Vice Pro Plus golf balls

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Consistent distance, durability, and standout lime green design make them a golfer’s essential.

Whether facing windy Scottish links or challenging fairways, these balls deliver. Plus, direct-to-consumer pricing ensures unbeatable value. Upgrade your game today.


The darling ball of Matt from Golf Sidekick

It flies long, flies straight, sits pretty, and shines around the green

Unique colors like lime green (my fave) or the funky paint splatter designs

Direct to consumer, guaranteeing great prices



I’ve tested them all, mate. From the pricey Titleist Pro V1 to the TaylorMade TP5X, which didn’t jive with my game. The Srixon Z Star XV? Absolute love. And remember the Inesis Tour 900, delivering severe bang for your buck.

But here’s the kicker. I need a performance that is different from Vice Pro Plus. It’s consistent across the board, maintaining its distance with every swing, and it doesn’t shred to bits after a wedge shot. Plus, it goes the distance – literally.

During my recent escapades in Scotland, this ball repeatedly proved itself. It stayed true from challenging, fast fairways to windy conditions, especially off the tee.

Every facet of this ball complements MY game perfectly. Sure, I might venture elsewhere one day, but for now, the Vice Pro Plus – especially in that eye-catching lime green – has my loyalty.

Take a gander at the current price:

TaylorMade’s TP5 & TP5x balls

TaylorMade's TP5 & TP5x balls

TaylorMade’s TP5 & TP5x balls

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Designed for peak performance, these 5-piece wonders deliver unmatched speed, control, and durability.

Whether you prefer the soft feel of TP5 or the explosive distance of TP5x, both variants excel on the green.

You’ll stand out while dominating the course with the stylish Pix variant, endorsed by pros like Ricky Fowler and Matt Wolff. Make the champions’ choice and elevate your game today.


Comparable performance to the Prov1

Remarkably durable with a soft feel

Suitable for a range of swing speeds


Pro Mo isn’t a fan, citing excessive spin for high speeds

It’s pricey but worth the investment

These gems are packed with tech, setting them apart from the rest. The TP5 features a soft cast urethane cover, while the TP5x boasts a firmer cast urethane cover designed for speed, higher trajectory, and less spin – think Pro V1x territory.

You’ll feel the difference as the only 5-piece balls on the market. With a “Speed layer system” and “High flex material,” they deliver control and distance like no other. The TP5 offers a slightly softer feel, while the TP5x excels in distance and flight.

From high-flying long irons to wedge shots with grip action, these balls shine on the green. Plus, they’re durable, showing minimal scuffing even after two rounds.

For added flair, opt for the Pix variant, endorsed by pros like Ricky Fowler and Matt Wolff. Its unique pattern aids in chipping and putting, boosting confidence on the green.

Check out the current price and elevate your game with TP5 & TP5x:

Titleist Pro V1 (Premium golf balls)

Titleist Pro V1

Titleist Pro V1

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Pros and amateurs trust it and offers unmatched distance, spin control, and greenside precision.

Crafted to perfection, it’s the go-to choice for golfers who demand excellence.

Experience the difference with the Titleist Pro V1 and advance your game.


The gold standard for premium balls, crafted to impeccable standards

Unmatched control around the greens

Consistent spin off the driver and long irons

A lifesaver from bunkers


High Price

Let’s be honest; this gem has little to say. I’ll indulge a bit.

It’s no coincidence that this ball reigns supreme on tour. Sure, it costs a mere 6 cents to produce, but even the pros, who foot their bill for balls, swear by the Pro V1.

It’s the undisputed king of the golf ball world – consistent, long, and spinny.

Bridgestone Tour B RXS Golf Ball

Bridgestone Tour B RXS Golf Ball

Bridgestone Tour B RXS Golf Ball

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Discover the Bridgestone Tour B RXS, trusted by pros like Tiger Woods. It is engineered for elite players with higher swing speeds and delivers impressive distance and precise spin control.

With its unique design and ‘Reactiv’ urethane cover, this ball maximizes performance from tee to green.

Elevate your game today with the Bridgestone Tour B RXS.


Top pros’ choice

Tailored for faster swingers

Impressive carry and spin control


Prone to scuffing

Putter feel is only for some

When Nike bowed out of complex products, speculation swirled around Tiger’s ball choice. Rumor had it he’d been favoring a Bridgestone anyway, so his move to the American OEM was no shocker.

For TaylorMade, having Tiger on Bridgestone was a significant coup.

Geared towards elite players with higher swing speeds, the Tour B RXS isn’t just for the speedsters. Even slower swingers can tap into its premium performance.

Pro Mo, a fan favorite, lauds its length – it’s downright impressive. With a Gradational Compression core, it soars past traditional offerings.

Unique dimples and a Dual Dimple pattern amp up aerodynamics and distance. But it’s around the greens where this ball truly shines. Tiger’s meticulous demands on spin are met effortlessly, thanks to the ‘Reactiv’ urethane cover.

It’s a ball worth a closer look.

Srixon Z Star XV Golf Ball

Srixon Z Star XV Golf Ball

Srixon Z Star XV Golf Ball

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Elevate your game with the Srixon Z Star XV – offering Pro V1-like performance at a fraction of the cost.

With exceptional durability and greenside control, it’s ideal for swings over 90 mph.

If you seek quality without breaking the bank, the Z-Star XV is your choice.


Ideal for swings over 90 mph

Affordable without compromising performance

Surprisingly durable for a softer ball

Masters-winning credentials


Minimal drawbacks, but according to one source, they may not be perfectly round – but who’s counting?

Whenever I spot a promotion for these balls, I stock up. From the first swing, they impressed me. How could a lesser-known brand rival the Pro V1 at such a great price?

Now a Srixon convert, I’m thrilled to see them gaining recognition beyond Asia.

With a slightly firmer cover, the Z-Star XV still delivers on greenside performance, sitting down and spinning back effortlessly.

What sets these balls apart is their durability. Even after countless wedge shots, they hold up remarkably well – a refreshing change from the Pro V1’s wear and tear.

For Pro V1 users seeking a more budget-friendly alternative, look no further. And trust me, the yellow model is a winner too!

Wilson Staff DUO Professional (budget-friendly option)

Wilson Staff DUO Professional

Wilson Staff DUO Professional

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Experience the Wilson Staff DUO Professional – premium performance at an unbeatable price.

With its urethane cover and soft feel, it delivers control and distance for all levels of play. Elevate your game affordably today.


The most affordable “premium” ball available

Soft feel and solid greenside control

Urethane cover for enhanced performance

Long and penetrating ball flight


Not available

I’ve always been a fan of Wilson golf balls. They’re affordable, no-frills, and consistently reliable. JMac from the channel has sworn by their two-piece offerings for years, and the DUO Professional has become his new favorite.

Replacing the popular DUO Soft, the DUO Professional offers a slightly firmer feel and increased spin, especially with short irons. Despite its lower price point, this ball boasts a urethane cover, providing a premium feel and excellent control around the greens.

While it may not fly as far as some premium options, its smooth feel off the club face and soft touch with wedges make it a standout choice for golfers seeking quality at an accessible price.


When choosing the best golf balls for low handicappers, the decision to play premium ones is entirely yours. 

While your game may benefit from them, you can still excel with other options. 

However, consistency is critical. Stick to the same ball throughout each round to accurately gauge your distances and spin conditions. 

Trust in your ball is paramount. If you opt for a pricier model, accept the possibility of losing some. 

If losing a ball fills you with despair, it’s not the right choice. Your happiness and relaxation on the course are crucial, so base your decision on your needs, acceptance of potential losses, and enjoyment of the game.

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