Short Bio

Michael Kussoff, the brain behind, is a Philadelphia-based golf professional and innovator with a deep background in PGA Golf Management.

About Michael

Michael Kussoff - Founder of

Michael Kussoff is not just the name behind; he is a powerhouse in the golf industry, bringing a wealth of knowledge and innovative ideas to the table. His journey began in Philadelphia, where he evolved from a bodybuilder to a revered figure in the golf community, wearing many hats including that of a long drive coach, golf professional, and instructor.

Educational Background

Michael is a proud alumnus of Penn State University, where he pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Management, specializing in PGA Golf Management. His educational journey didn’t stop there; he delved deep into the biomechanics of golf in his postgraduate studies, and conducted independent research focusing on the optimal impact positions created by World Long Drive competitors.

Career and Achievements

In his current role at MEDALIST GOLF CLUB INC, Michael oversees Outside Operations, bringing a meticulous eye and a passion for golf to his work every day. As a HackMotion Golf Ambassador, he is constantly abreast of the latest developments in golf technology, working to bring science and innovation closer to the golf community.

Vision for GolfTesters

Michael envisages as a hub for golf enthusiasts, a place where both new and seasoned golfers can find honest advice, reviews, and a community that shares a deep love for the game. His innovative approach is evident in his concept for a 3D capture system aimed at revolutionizing indoor golf instruction and research centers.

Personal Insights

Beyond his professional commitments, Michael is a keen learner, always ready to absorb new knowledge through online intensive workshops. His approachable nature and genuine passion for golf make him a beloved figure in the community, always ready to share a word of advice or a tip to enhance your golfing experience.

Connect with Michael

Feel free to reach out to Michael for collaborations, advice, or just a friendly chat about all things golf. Connect with him through LinkedIn or drop him an email at